Saturday, 14 September 2013

When I posted the earlier work " Saturdays ", my friend , Krishna Chaitanya gave a vivid description of how he spends his Saturdays and I just had to illustrate it.
So here it is. 
Just lazing out on the couch , multitasking.
A typical Saturday.


Oh boy , Oh boy , Saturday's here .
 Definitely my favorite day of the week. 
I know tomorrow is a Sunday and that's why Saturdays make me happy. But when it comes to Sundays , its just not the same because I'd know tomorrow would be a Monday .
Well anyway , I think I should just stop talking .
So that's the reason I love Saturday.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

This is  inspired by the google doodle today : Music : Clair De Lune by French composer , Claude Debussy.

Monday, 19 August 2013

work in progress

So I am posting this thumbnail of something I'm trying to finish right started off as a really tiny doodle in my sketchbook,then after a year I find it and decide to make something out of it.So I scan the drawing and fill it up with basic colors.Then I leave it among many other PSD files,incomplete and forgotten and almost a year later I find it again and (..I feel terrible about being so lazy so..) this time I'm all set on completing it !!!!

(...but first I need to go sleep..Its almost 2 am and I'll probably fall off the chair if I sit in front the computer any longer....ZZZzzzz) 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

pitter patter

(* conditions apply though )

                                                      Peace is the last thing you'll feel if it rains when
         you're sick or when you're outside taking your dog  for a walk or when it was one of those days
  the sun was brightly shining outside and you don't take your umbrella and it starts pouring out of nowhere....


                                                                     I got a little carried away I guess.
                                        So if you watch out for the...uh.. little conditions like the ones above,
                                                                        you'll be in peace with the rain.


Friday, 16 August 2013



It keeps raining everyday and I am falling sick again !! My throats all sore , I have a cold and thanks to all this , I sound like a croaking toad.